About Raven

Raven was established in 1990 as a family business by the third generation family members of companies that were established to operate in the jewelery, precious stones and mines and construction sectors. During its journey of more than 30 years, Raven Group has succeeded in separating itself from its competitors by signing many projects in Turkey and in the world.

Raven, which continues to grow consistently with its strong infrastructure, realistic vision and belief in its country, is at the point reached today, in different countries and cities such as New York, Stuttgart, Istanbul and Ankara, continues its activities in its fields such as the automotive, ballistics and security sectors as well as jewelery, precious stones and mines and construction sectors. Raven, aiming to be a serious player in the fields it works in, includes the best-in-class brands that will turn into a passion for its employees, business partners and even competitors as well as its customers.

With the mission of taking the lead of innovations that shape modern and contemporary life, Raven sells unique and original spare parts (OEMs) in the luxury automobile segment with the innovative systems it has developed.

The concept of the Flying Car, which started to work in order to eliminate the transportation problem of people living in megacities in the future, and the urban air structure designs of urban air transportation in accordance with this, are prepared by the innovative team of Raven.

Raven serves its customers with superior technology, high brand quality and a dynamic human resource, and strictly adheres to the principles of excellence, responsibility and creativity in order to raise the living standards in every field in which it operates.